Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions


By applying to be a vendor, performer, and/or volunteer, and/or by purchasing a ticket you agree to abide by and to comply with these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions may change at the discretion of the Committee of The Holland Festival Inc.

HF Ticketing Terms and Conditions (Download pdf of this policy)

1.Conditions of Entry

To enter the Festival grounds a person must agree…

  1. To have a valid Ticket or Pass Out
  2. To abide by the Festival’s Code of Conduct while within the Festival Grounds
  3. To not be in possession of any Prohibited Items
  4. That the festival may use photos and multimedia recordings that contain your image/likeness to promote the festival across all mediums worldwide, without payment, compensation, nor royalties
  5. That children aged 12 years and under must be under the direct supervision of a ticket holding parent or legal guardian at all times
  6. That bicycles and bicycle helmets may be brought to the event, however they must not be ridden/worn within the festival grounds without authorisation
  7. To only access areas permitted by their ticket and/or wristband
    1. Licenced areas may only be entered by adults wearing 18+ wristbands
    2. Kermis rides may only be accessed by people with a Kermis Wristband
    3. Performer areas may only be accessed by people performing at the festival and Stage Management volunteers
    4. Staff Only areas may only be accessed by authorised volunteers
    5. Competition areas may only be entered by competitors as directed by competition organisers
    6. Food Preparation areas and other Stalls may only be accessed by authorised people
  8. To allow any bags brought onto the festival grounds to be inspected by authorised Volunteers to ensure that Prohibited Items are not brought into the festival

 2. Refusal of Entry

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons, THF and Venue management reserve the right to refuse entry to the festival if…

  1. Persons are not in possession of a valid Ticket or Entry Pass
  2. A ticket is damaged and cannot be scanned
  3. A ticket has already been scanned for entry
  4. Persons are exhibiting behaviour of being intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs
  5. Persons are acting in a disorderly manner
  6. The presence of a person or persons would be detrimental to the safety of other people
  7. Persons are wearing or displaying designs with language or artwork with messages, and/or attitudes that are offensive or disrespectful to a specific group of people (race, identity, culture, religion or political values)
  8. Persons refuse to submit belongings for inspection for the purposes of identifying Prohibited Items and/or items that may create a risk to other people
  9. A dangerous situation occurs that has to potential to risk the safety of festival participants

 3. Code of Conduct

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of everyone, all festival participants agree to…

  1. Be polite and courteous to other people at all times
  2. Be helpful
  3. Not be a nuisnace. Avoid rude, derogatory, insulting behaviour, inhibiting the enjoyment of others, and/or risking the safety of other people and/or their property
  4. Abide by all Australian Federal and Victorian State Laws
  5. Not tamper with other people’s food, beverages, nor belongings without their explicit permission
  6. Drink responsibly and to know your personal limit
  7. Only smoke in Designated Smoking Areas
  8. Dispose of rubbish appropriately
  9. Accept everyone’s (including children’s) right to say, “no thanks”

 4. Alcohol

Patrons agree to abide by the Festival’s Alcohol Licence restrictions by…

  1. Only consuming alcohol purchased from licenced vendors
  2. Only consuming alcohol within the licenced areas
  3. Ensuring that alcohol does not leave the licenced areas
  4. Ensuring that their 18+ wristband can be seen at all times
  5. Ensuring that minors present within the licenced areas are not provided with alcohol

5. Tobacco and eCigarettes

Patrons that wish to smoke tobacco and/or electronic cigarettes (or similar products) agree to…

  1. Only use tobacco and eCigarettes within Designated Smoking Areas
  2. All waste products are disposed of appropriately within the Designated Smoking Areas
  3. Photography and Multimedia

The Holland Festival Inc. respect the rights of festival participants to document their time at the festival, so long as it adheres to Australian Federal and Victorian State laws relating to photography and multimedia recordings, as well as multimedia licensing of the City of Casey.

 Recordings can be audio, and/or video recordings.  

  1. By purchasing a ticket, all festival participants give permission to The Holland Festival Inc to use photographs and recordings that contain their voice, image and/or likeness for the purpose of promoting future festivals and events through any medium worldwide
  2. All festival participants may take photographs and make recordings for their own personal use and are encouraged to share their recordings on social media so long as the image does not defame any of the people featured in the image (per Australian law). This permission does not override an individual’s right to issue a Take Down Notice.
  3. Photographers have a right to take a photo with you in the background (per Australian law)
  4. Photographs and recordings are not permitted in change rooms nor toilets (per Australian law)
  5. Photographers that take photos and/or recordings that are, “for indecent purposes”, will be reported to the police
  6. Festival Participants that do not possess a current Holland Festival Media Pass may only take photographs and/or recordings with people under 18 as the primary subject if the child/teenager has given consent AND a parent or guardian has also given consent
  7. Photographs and recordings may only be made with professional grade equipment by people with permission of the event organiser via info@hollandfestival.org.au
  8. Photographs and recordings made within the festival grounds may not be used for commercial purposes unless the photographer with permission of the event organiser via info@hollandfestival.org.au
  9. Students may take photographs and make multimedia recordings with school equipment with permission of the event organiser via info@hollandfestival.org.au


For more information about Australian Laws relating to photography in public and private spaces (Akoonah Park is a privately owned space) The Arts Law Centre for Australia  has an Information Sheet on Street Photographer’s Rights, which gives an overview of the laws in Australia relating to photography and multimedia recordings.

 7. Expulsion from the Festival

The Holland Festival Inc. and/or Venue Staff reserves the right to eject people from the festival grounds without refund if they…

  1. Are in breach of any of these Terms and Conditions
  2. Are acting in a manner the creates a risk to the safety and well being of other people and/or their property
  3. Do not produce a valid ticket upon request
  4. Are in possession of any item listed on the Prohibited Items list
  5. Are unreasonably obstructing the view and/or participation of other festival participants
  6. Are acting in a manner that others find to be rude, offensive, insulting, and/or derogatory
  7. Refuse to comply with the directions of Festival Staff, Festival Volunteers, and/or Venue Staff
  8. Have entered a restricted area not permitted by their ticket type
  9. Have damaged the venue and/or property that does not belong to them

The festival organisers may be required to change the program due to circumstances beyond their control. When purchasing a ticket, it is done under the understanding and acceptance that…. 

  1. Performers and/or attractions may be rescheduled or withdrawn at any time
  2. Substitute artists and/or events may be added if possible
  3. Tickets are non-refundable, but they can be transferred, except at the discretion of the festival organisers if the festival is postponed or cancelled