The Holland Festival 2017 had over 70 stallholders including merchants, food vendors, exhibitions, and information booths. We are working very hard at increasing this, and especially the food. There will be more food vendors, more food, more food options, multiple vendors for the most popular Dutch foods where possible,  and better preparedness for large crowds. Our goals are to reduce the queues dramatically.

Some of the foods on offer include…

  • Frites with all the famous Dutch sauces, including mayonnaise, satay sauce & onions etc.
  • Olie Bollen
  • Bitterballen
  • Poffertjes (3 vendors)
  • Stroopwafers (3 vendors)
  • Appelflappen
  • Bitterballen (2 vendors)
  • Kaas souffles (2 vendors)
  • Stampot
  • Rookworst
  • Hutspot
  • Indonesian foods
  • Erwten Soep
  • Bahmi Goreng
  • Frikandel Speciaal
  • Kroketten (Croquettes) (2 vendors)
  • Broodje Haaring (Herring on a roll)
  • Broodje Paling (Smoked eel on a roll)
  • Broodje Makreel (Smoked Mackeral on a roll)
  • Huzarensalades ( Russian Salad)
  • Broodje fillet Americain (Raw premium mince on a roll)
  • Kapsalon snack (impossible to explain – but the best seller at the Abel Tasman club restaurant)
  • Coffee (4 vendors)
  • Ice cream with a touch of Dutch: with hagelslag, muisjes and speculaas & stroopwafel crumbs.. (3 vendors)


Businesses founded in the Netherlands, businesses owned by people of Dutch Heritage, and/or importers of Dutch products are invited to get involved.

​If your business has a link to Dutch heritage and you would like to have your business involved in some way, apply to be a vendor, exhibitor or participant now!